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Empowered Birth on Kaua'i Island

Why Midwifery


   Love      Trust        Intuition      Birth

My beliefs are anchored in respect for the innate power of birth. I believe that each birthing person holds unique knowledge of birth within her. Given support, love, privacy, and time, the birth-giver is able to access her own power and birth wisdom and bring her baby through with dignity. My goal is to support the natural unfolding of birth by bringing patience and intuition, clinical skill, and holistic tools to keep birth as safe and undisturbed as possible. Pregnant people are the most intuitive people on the planet. By listening to the birth-giver, we will hear her express her needs and what is true for her pregnancy, birth, and baby.  Our decisions about where to birth, who will attend us, and how we want to be cared for are personal and important.  As parents, we have the undeniable right to have these birth choices honored and respected.  Skill, science, and experience plus love, trust, and intuition equal vibrantly healthy pregnancy, birth, and beyond.

Meet Jasmine

 Jasmine Maes

Hawai'i Licensed & Certified Professional Midwife

Aloha. I am Jasmine Maes. I am a Hawai'i Licensed and Certified Professional Midwife. I provide loving and comprehensive midwifery care to families on Kaua’i Island.  I specialize in water birth and in caring for families choosing Vaginal Birth After Cesarean (VBAC.)  I weave the tools of nutrition, movement, herbal medicine, homeopathy, and counseling into safe and vibrant care for pregnant families.  I strive to provide evidence-based care that supports parents’ choices, while incorporating the art and science of traditional midwifery. I am certified in Neonatal Resuscitation and adult CPR.

I became a Certified Professional Midwife in 2005. I began my midwifery practice as a Colorado Registered Midwife, welcoming babies at home in Colorado for almost ten years. During those years, I met my wonderful husband, Andy, and  

birthed our two beautiful children, Omar and Anja.


Our family moved to Northern California in 2014, where I continued to work as a California Licensed Midwife, caring for families at Thrive Birth Center, as well as attending the births of my beloved home birth clients. I became a Hawai'i Licensed Midwife in 2020, and have enjoyed a warm welcome here on Kaua’i.  I feel honored to be serving the families of our beautiful island home.


I am an apprenticeship-trained midwife. I have learned my craft by attending birth under the supervision of experienced midwives, while continuously immersed in serving my community. I met the qualifications of a Certified Professional Midwife (CPM) by having a multitude of academic and clinical skills, experiences, and births witnessed and verified by my teachers. I became a CPM by passing the North American Registry of Midwives written exam, and by completing hands-on skills testing.  I began attending birth as an assistant and doula in 1998. As a student, I attended workshops with the Farm Midwives in Tennessee and attended home, birth center, and hospital births in Florida, Texas, Oregon, and Colorado. I also completed training as an Emergency Medical Technician-B. I see birth as the ultimate teacher and midwifery as a journey of life-long learning.  I have had the pleasure of training five midwifery students who are now practicing CPMs.


I look forward to meeting you and hearing about the birth of your dreams!


“My pregnancy, birth, and postpartum care with Jasmine were truly life-changing for me.  Not only did she make me feel safe and well-cared for during some of my most vulnerable moments, she also taught me how to have confidence in my own body and how to listen deeply to what it was telling me.  Jasmine is able to call on her vast experience to anticipate needs of both baby and mother and address them in ways that feel empowering to the family, rather than beholden to someone or something else. I think of her as a true sister and am in awe of the space she is able to hold for so many during their pregnancy journey.”

- Laci S.

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Kapa'a, Hawaii
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