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Prenatal Care

Pregnancy can be a time of vibrant health.  Nutrition, movement, herbs, supplements, hands-on bodywork, and safe home remedies can all ease discomforts and help us to feel strong and connected during pregnancy.  Attention, time, listening, and continuity are essential in offering optimal prenatal care. 


Our initial prenatal visit is a 90-120 minute visit. During our time together, we will review your medical history and talk in depth about your goals and desires for your pregnancy and birth.  This is my opportunity to understand your lifestyle, including what you like to eat, what supplements and herbs you may utilize, how your stress levels and relationship are doing, and how you are feeling, sleeping, and moving your body.

I offer the basics of prenatal care at every visit.  This includes measuring your growing belly, listening to baby’s heartbeat, exploring baby’s position, checking blood pressure and pulse, and offering urine checks to measure hydration and to screen for prenatal complications. Most ongoing prenatal visits last 60-90 minutes. This allows time for all of your questions and for education around upcoming choices involving labs or procedures. It is my goal that you are offered information about and access to the full scope of care available to birthing families, including genetic screening and ultrasound referral, with the freedom to shape your care in the unique way that feels supportive and right for you.

Prenatal visits are offered every 4 weeks from the beginning of pregnancy through 28 weeks, every 2 weeks beginning at 28 weeks, and then weekly from 36 weeks until baby is born. You are welcomed as early as you’d like to start receiving care.  Clients have direct access to their midwife and are encouraged to reach out at any gestation for questions, support, advice, counseling, education, and care.  By the third trimester, I provide a list of birth supplies to be gathered. I plan a home visit by 36 weeks to assure all is prepared for your baby's birth.  Prenatal care is then offered weekly until baby's arrival.

Basic labs of pregnancy are offered to every pregnant person and included in the cost of care.  Any additional lab work can be provided at cost.  Blood samples can be drawn during our prenatal visits, with no need for extra trips to the lab. Education about genetic screening options is offered, with referral or lab draws provided. Genetic screening costs are not included in care, and may be covered by your insurance or provided at cost.  Information about and local referral for ultrasound screening can also be provided and is usually well-covered by insurance.

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