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Home Birth

Nightbloom Birth offers expert care in the home setting. Continuous midwifery support during labor and birth includes regular monitoring of mother and baby’s vital signs, comfort measures, guidance, advocacy, and loving touch. We are able to handle many complications at home using basic midwifery skills, always aiming for the gentlest remedies, with the ability to safely provide necessary medical care. We carry oxygen and resuscitation equipment to every birth, IV fluids, medications that stop bleeding in mothers, supplies for giving stitches, as well as herbs, essential oils, homeopathics, and therapeutics to support safe and vibrant birth. In the rare case that transfer to a hospital during labor becomes necessary, it is always our goal that your midwife accompanies you and remains as your advocate and support person in that setting. Whatever unique challenges may arise, appropriate and smooth transfer to a hospital, with positive and professional communication between health care providers, helps to create an environment for the best birth outcomes.  In order to support optimal safety for both mother and baby, I work with a skilled birth assistant as well as a student midwife.  Together, we are able to provide a team of loving and capable support for the whole family.  

Water Birth


We specialize in water birth and are experienced in supporting families who choose this option. A deep immersion warm or hot water bath is deliciously inviting, offers ease in position change, and brings an immense potential for pain relief.  It is a powerful tool that can offer profound therapeutic relaxation during labor and birth. Water offers the gentlest possible beginning for newborns as they transition to life outside the womb. I include the use of a high quality portable birth pool in your care.  Each birthing family covers the cost of a single use custom fit liner which I provide, which keeps the tub safe for your use.


Vaginal Birth After Cesarean (VBAC):

I am a fierce advocate for access to Vaginal Birth after Cesarean (VBAC).  I believe deeply and personally in the immense opportunity for healing through birth. One of the reproductive rights all birthing people deserve is the right to choose VBAC.  It is crucial in communities where VBAC is not offered by hospitals, that families have the option to choose to labor and birth after Cesarean in a home setting. Supported and informed by up-to-date studies and science, shared decision making, and informed choice, it is my absolute pleasure to offer care for families choosing labor after Cesarean and VBAC.  It is a passion of mine to ensure that Vaginal Birth After Cesarean remains a midwife-supported option for families on Kaua’i.

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