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Why Midwifery?  Why Home Birth?


Midwives are the guardians of normal birth.  Midwifery care has been shown to improve the outcomes of birth-givers and babies around the globe. Nations that support the best possible outcomes for birthing people and newborns are those that employ the skilled hands of midwives to care for healthy mothers and babies.

Midwifery care is preventative care.  By investing time, education, and informed decision making in our clients' care, midwives are able to help birthing families achieve optimal health and minimize complications.  Midwifery care means greater satisfaction among parents, more vaginal birth, and more breastfeeding success, which helps grow healthier communities. Midwifery care also means fewer surgical births, fewer tears, fewer infections, and less separation of babies. 

Midwives gently guide and support pregnancy and birth, keeping the environment aligned for baby's safe emergence.  Midwives are trained to identify any circumstances that are not normal, and to employ holistic interventions to help families stay safe.  Birth at home can also minimize exposure to bacteria and viruses that are present in a hospital setting.

  At home, you are cared for continuously by your team of midwives, and there are no strangers or shift changes to integrate.  Your midwife is on your side, she knows your birth plan intimately, and her goal is to help make each of those desires a reality.

 The hormones that power birth are enhanced by privacy, low lighting, warmth, and support.  While doing the immense work of giving birth, we deserve to be treated with kindness, to choose our caregivers, and to have our desires honored and respected.  We deserve sensitive touch and encouragement toward our goals.  We deserve the ability to move our bodies freely, and to have safe tools that help us move toward those goals.  We deserve to give birth at our own pace, with labor taking as much time as needed.  We deserve to choose the positions we birth in and to choose water birth.  We deserve to have our babies remain with us, without separation, allowing their potential as human beings to unfold in an uninterrupted way.  

While a healthy baby and birth-giver are the ultimate outcomes we all desire, birth is so much more than the emergence of a child.  Giving birth and being born are transformative experiences for humankind.  Birth is a rite of passage that defines who we are as parents, lovers, and individuals.  How we give birth matters.  How we are born matters.  Birth forms the essential groundwork for the healing of our world, one empowered family at a time.



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