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Home Birth

Expert care in the home setting

  • 24 hr

Service Description

Nightbloom Birth offers expert care in the home setting. Continuous midwifery support during labor and birth includes regular monitoring of mother and baby’s vital signs, comfort measures, guidance, advocacy, and loving touch. We are able to handle most complications at home using core midwifery skills, always aiming for the gentlest remedies, and with the ability to safely provide necessary medical care. We carry oxygen and resuscitation equipment to every birth, IV fluids, life-saving medications that stop bleeding in mothers, supplies for giving stitches, as well as herbs, essential oils, homeopathics, and therapeutics to support smooth and vibrant birth. In the case transfer to a hospital during labor becomes necessary, it is always our goal that your midwife accompanies you and remains as your advocate and support person in that setting. No matter the unique challenges that may arise, timely and appropriate transfer to a hospital, with positive and professional communication between your health care providers, helps to create an environment for the safest birth outcomes.

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